JIT Overview


The Just in Time Knife™ system, better known as the JIT Knife™, was developed by law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers. It was designed to provide the officer with an edged weapon option in defending against an attempt to disarm the officer.

Officers across the country are instructed to “Retain” the handgun in the holster with the “strong” hand and “Defend” against the attack with the support hand. In that life or death instant of the attack, no matter how the officer is trained, his or her natural survival instinct is to “Grab” the handgun in the holster with both hands. Following that initial response, the training to defend against the attack will “kick in”. While the “strong hand” retains the handgun in the holster, the “support hand” draws the JIT Knife from under the holster and the officer now has an edged weapon to use in defense.

The unique design of the JIT Knife enables the user to maintain a grip and control the knife in the event that the knife gets “wet”.

Over 10% of the Law Enforcement Officers that are shot and killed in the line of duty are murdered with their own handgun. Although this number has been greatly reduced over the past two decades through better training, security holsters and body armor, the JIT Knife can greatly enhance the officer’s ability to retain and defend his duty sidearm.